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 True story of a stranger approaching a 6 yr-old girl in her

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PostSubject: True story of a stranger approaching a 6 yr-old girl in her   Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:52 pm

From: izlina.na@etiqa.com.my [mailto:izlina.na@etiqa.com.my]
Sent: 28 January 2008 14:31
Subject: True story of a stranger approaching a 6 yr-old girl in her school.

Dear All, when you read about children being kidnapped or abused, you think it wont happen to you. Well, I want to share with you a 'near-miss' incident which happened to my family on 16Jan08. Please send this to as many people as you can.
The moral of the story, I would say here is to take quick action as prevention is better than cure.

A stranger met my 6 year-old daughter in her school compound @ 1230 on Wed (Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Hartamas) and told her that he wanted to 'love' her and be her friend. He then took out a RM1/= bill, tore it in half, gave her one half and he kept the 2nd half. He then wrote down his phone number in her exercise book and asked for mine. My eldest daughter ( 8 years-old ) then finished class and approached them and scolded the younger one for talking to strangers. Only then did he move away.

On Thursday, I went to the school @ 1130 to scout around. I reported this matter to the school HM, teachers and security guards. A lot of parents were informed too - even some whom we don't know. I was very surprised and comforted by the high level of concern shown by all the parents and even the drivers of some school children.

Then I saw him @ 1230 ( the description of him by my daughters was perfect ! ). I approached him and told him that he cannot simply approach anybody's child and 'want to be their friend'. When I asked about the Rm1/= and the phone number, he became evasive and said he just wanted to be friendly. He was at the school to pick up his nephew. I requested for his h/p and called his number using my h/p. I was shocked when I saw my daughter's name listed on his h/p.

I requested for his IC and took down his details. He was 24years old and from Kelantan, but staying with his uncle (a Doctor ) in KL. I then showed his IC to some PIBG parents who were nearby before returning it. A lot of parents (mostly ladies) actually came over and scolded him for his strange behaviour. He then collected his nephew and left.

Then a few parents informed me that they actually know this man's uncle and would inform him of his actions. They also know where he stays. He is now 'Blacklisted' and not allowed to enter the school compound anymore... but then again he can do his nonsense outside the school.

So now the whole school is aware of this incident and suddenly some parents have volunteered to come early and patrol the school compound to spot this kind of strange bahaviours. A duty roster was quickly drawn up and parents are now patroling the school areas from 0700 - 1300. My wife and me are taking turns on a daily basis. I am ever thankful I am working shift hours.

A Police report has since been lodged.
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True story of a stranger approaching a 6 yr-old girl in her
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